// Mission Capability Multiplied:

Speed · Endurance · Payload

From terrorism and piracy to drug and human trafficking, the world’s threats are evolving. Evolve to respond.

Be ready. For every mission. Every threat.

With the infinitely flexible Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA)
from L3 Aerospace Systems.

// With the Q400™ MMA:

You have a single, cost-effective, highly reliable technology platform that can do the job of a mixed fleet of specially equipped aircraft.

You are ready to meet tomorrow’s threats today with unrivaled range, endurance, payload, and altitude.

In addition to an aircraft with low operating and support costs, you can access the combined L3 and Bombardier™ network for unmatched service and support connections in every corner of the globe.

You have the ability to do any mission, any time including: Maritime Patrol, Airborne Surveillance, Intelligence Gathering, Multi-Role and Special Operations.

You benefit from choosing the lowest-risk aircraft that can do it all right now, both affordably and reliably.

Multi-Mission Versatility

With its current capabilities, optional equipment and uniquely reconfigurable design, the Q400 MMA is ready for anything.



Maritime patrols locate and identify enemy or potential enemy ships and submarines and provide situation awareness in the range of maritime environments, from open oceans to crowded port areas.



ISR keeps users steps ahead of the enemy using the industry’s best intelligence systems. The reconfigurability of the MMA gives operators exponential capability that can be adapted as the mission environment changes.



When not performing specialized ISR or maritime roles, the multi-role aircraft performs a true utility function, called into service as needed to support a variety of needs and missions.



Distinguished by its ability to perform remote sensing, the special purpose aircraft is rarely weaponized, but instead uses optical sensors, radars and other sensors to scan a large area searching for activity that is hidden in plain sight.


Utilizing the highly capable Bombardier Q400 platform, the MMA is a proven performer that stands apart. Backed by the breadth, depth and sheer power of L3’s intelligent integration solutions, the Q400 is more than an aircraft — it’s a flying technology platform that can transform to do everything you need, and then some.

If you can imagine the future, we can deliver it, today.

// This is ISR Evolved.

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