We have built L3 Link on manufacturing excellence, meeting the most exacting standards for every device we produce. Precision, realism, durability and reliability for optimum performance and maximum uptime—these are the hallmarks of L3 Link-manufactured products.


L3 AMI: Electro-Mechanical Leadership

L3 AMI is a trusted provider of design and manufacturing services for integrated electro-mechanical system hardware to support the aviation and maritime industries. We have a long history of designing and manufacturing exact replications of instruments, panels, consoles and fully integrated large-scale electro-mechanical devices for training. 

L3 AMI produces training systems hardware and electronics for flight, maintenance, part task and other systems, as well as maritime training devices that include consoles, control room equipment and engine room equipment to support shore-based training for surface and subsurface vessels.

Other L3 AMI Capabilities:
  • Additive manufacturing—design, optimization and production of metal, composite and plastic components
  • Equipment modification—a full range of services to existing equipment to provide concurrence with ongoing system changes and upgrades 
  • Repair and refurbishment—cost-effective service, repair, upgrade, calibration and refurbishment capabilities to maintain L3 AMI products, maximizing training equipment availability and minimizing long-term cost of ownership
  • Available in-house wiring, machining, deburring, engraving and finishing processes, as well as AMI product site modifications and upgrades