Maintenance Training

L3 Link maintenance training solutions apply blended media techniques to create an immersive and adaptive learning environment for producing highly qualified technicians. Across fighter attack, helicopter, ISR aircraft and UAS platforms, L3 Link translates virtual learning directly to the physical world, taking maintenance trainees from the classroom to the field faster and more cost effectively—and once there, keeping them sharp and productive.

L3 Link’s Maintenance Training System:
The Next Level of Immersive Task Training

L3 Link’s Maintenance Training System provides an immersive learning environment that combines the virtual and physical worlds to turn a novice into an expert across a wide range of maintenance tasks and platforms. The system integrates electronic technical manuals with 3-D interactive models, creating a virtual training tool that applies the latest in augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to build proficiency. With this system, students take the skills they learn virtually and solidify them in the physical world on part task training devices.

The L3 Link Maintenance Training System’s blend of virtual and physical training devices also enables the system to function as a virtual assistant out in the field, maximizing productivity by refreshing the technician’s memory of procedures or supporting problem solving whenever needed. The system also is suited perfectly to accelerating learning and supporting proficiency in functions that extend beyond maintenance, including manufacturing and assembly tasks.


F-16: Maintenance Training as Advanced as the Aircraft

L3 Link’s F-16 maintenance training solutions create a robust blended high-fidelity physical and virtual learning environment to build individual and team maintenance technician competence. L3 Link virtualizes the F-16 aircraft and integrates it with all technical manuals, and establishes courseware to provide a fully immersive training environment.

Each L3 Link F-16 Maintenance Training Solution:
  • Enables aircraft maintainers to perform aircraft job guide procedures providing familiarization, system theory of operation, knowledge of operational checkout procedures, knowledge of fault isolation procedures and routine maintenance actions
  • Provides a realistic training environment that enables aircraft maintainers to troubleshoot and diagnose the most difficult real aircraft issues before beginning repair on the aircraft
  • Supports a comprehensive range of progressive maintainer learning in avionics, electrical interface, fuselage, engine control, flight control, hydraulic and armament systems
  • Built on proven and cost-effective common hardware and software designs that enable L3 Link to tailor the solution to meet each customer’s training requirements
  • Offers a variety of tools to enable students to undertake physical, hands-on learning supported by virtual courseware and instruction for constant real-time training on demand
  • Familiarizes maintenance students with cockpit operations through a specially designed maintenance training cockpit, supplementing the electronic class to provide experience for engine start, avionics troubleshooting and other in-cockpit tasks in a safe environment
  • Networked, permitting secure access to centrally controlled courseware
  • Enables instructors to monitor performance and adapt training according to individual progress, easily and efficiently 


RPA Maintenance Training: Optimizing Human Performance via Blended Learning

Because they are remotely operated with no crew on board, Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) are uniquely dependent upon consistent, well-executed maintenance to ensure optimum operational reliability and mission performance. L3 Link brings more than a decade of RPA experience and technology to its RPA maintenance training offerings, blending the virtual and physical worlds into an efficient schoolhouse solution for military and civilian customers.

L3 Link’s RPA Maintenance Trainer Family of Products:
  • Provides robust, high-fidelity physical and virtual learning environments to build and sustain RPA maintenance competence in individual technicians and teams
  • Supports comprehensive progressive learning capabilities for the maintenance and repair of RPA systems, including avionics, electrical interface, fuselage, engine control, flight control, hydraulics and armament systems 
  • Integrates a variety of tools to enable students to undertake physical, hands-on learning, supported by virtual courseware and instruction for constant real-time training on demand
  • Leverages L3 Link’s extensive maintenance experience and investments in operator and maintenance training for MQ-1 variants to meet specific program requirements


B-2: Leveraging a Legacy of Leadership in Maintenance Training

L3 Link has served as the prime contractor on the U.S. Air Force’s B-2 Training System program for approximately 25 years. Air Force B-2 maintainers use L3 Link’s suite of Computerized Maintenance Training Systems devices to master correct operational check, fault isolation and corrective action procedures related to the B-2’s glass cockpit displays. Currently, 52 L3 Link maintenance training devices are in use by maintainers, pilots and weapon-load technicians to develop off-aircraft expertise in the diagnosis and repair of aircraft systems and weapons loading.

L3 Link’s B-2 Computerized Maintenance Training Systems Include:
  • Simulated flight crew station
  • Hydraulics/fuels maintenance station
  • Instructor station
  • Student station