UH-60L/M OFT: Accurate, Immersive, Mission-Based

Key Facts

#1 Provider of Rotary-Wing Simulators to the U.S. Military
World’s Only UH-60 Full Flight Simulator
16 Systems Currently Fielded and In Operation for U.S. and International Customers

L3 Link’s UH-60L/M Operational Flight Trainer (OFT) provides a high-fidelity environment to immerse aircrews in mission-scenario-based training. The UH-60M OFT is designed to develop the operational and employment skills required for mission success in a comprehensive range of real-world environmental and threat conditions. 

The L3 Link UH-60L/M OFT:
  • Replicates UH-60L/M equipment accurately to every detail—spatially accurate cockpit, instrumentation and displays, and flight controls 
  • Creates a fully immersive training experience, with highly realistic motion, aural and visual cueing:
    • A three-degree-of-freedom (DOF) vibration platform integrated with a six-DOF electric motion system to provide all the vibration and motion cueing associated with helicopter flight in a full spectrum of mission types and battle conditions
    • A 200° horizontal and 45° vertical out-the-window visual system display that creates a virtual battlefield environment under a full range of environmental conditions—ground vehicles, troops, in-flight missiles and projectiles, threat air defense units, tactical smoke and more—realistically depicting speed, path and attitude
    • High-fidelity flight dynamics and engine models that respond to all required flight and power plant controls and simulated environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, winds and turbulence; a blade element accurately models variations in gross weight, inertias, center of gravity position, fuel and cargo load
    • High-fidelity communication modeling that supports all communication system training tasks; radio simulation can be networked with compatible simulators
  • Provides a realistic, tactically correct battlefield training environment through Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) technology that simulates friendly and opposing aerial and ground weapon systems in a wide spectrum of selectable environmental and battlefield conditions 
  • Includes a Synthetic Environment (SE) for stand-alone operation, with interoperability with the SEs of other OFTs for compatible simulation in the same exercise
  • Records all cockpit activity with an over-the-shoulder cross cockpit video camera for after-action review