RC-135: State-of-the-Art Training

Key Facts

Level D and Aerial Refueling Airplane Simulator Qualification (ARASQ) Rev-C-Compliant OFTs
USAF and RAF Providing OFTs to the USAF and RAF in partnership with L3 Aerospace Systems

In a partnership with L3 Aerospace Systems, L3 Link is providing a new RealitySeven™-based Level D-equivalent OFT for delivery to RAF Waddington in June 2018. The device will contain the latest avionics upgrades headed for the RC-135 fleet. 

RC-135 OFT Highlights:
  • High-definition, seven-channel out-the-window visual system and six-degree-of-freedom motion platform
  • CFR Part 60 Level D-compliant aerodynamic model based on actual recently collected flight test data and dynamics, including data from air refueling with KC-135 and KC-10. This aero model was developed by L3 Link for the current RC-135 devices located at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. The aero model installation by L3 Link is the first successful Aerial Refueling Airplane Simulator Qualification (ARASQ) Level C-compliant model delivered and accepted for widebody aircrew training
  • Link will deliver a second RC-135 OFT to Offutt, concurrent with further updated fleet avionics, in 2020