OH-58D OFT: Superior Fidelity and Flexibility

Key Facts

#1 Provider of Rotary-Wing Simulators to the U.S. Military
World’s Only OH-58D Full Flight Simulator
3 Systems Currently Fielded and In Operation

The OH-58D Operational Flight Trainer (OFT) provides units and commanders with a powerful virtual simulation capability for OF-58D flight crews to safely practice essential flight-related tasks. The system is designed to meet a variety of training task needs, along with the ability to create a highly realistic distributed and networked virtual simulation environment with other compatible simulators.

OH-58D Kiowa Mission Training:
  • Provides fully immersive training for the full range of Kiowa operations, including observation, utility and direct fire support of ground troops
  • Supports training exercises for the individual aviator and groups of aviators at the unit level, including the ability to cross-train with different units
OH-58D Product Features
  • Integrated with a high-fidelity out-the-window (OTW) visual system display to support training on a virtual battlefield under a full range of environmental and battlefield conditions; displayed images depict the speed, path and attitude of the simulated models
  • High-fidelity flight dynamics and engine models respond to all required flight and power plant controls and simulated environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, winds and turbulence; high-fidelity blade element accurately models variations in gross weight, inertias, center of gravity position, fuel and cargo load
  • High-fidelity communication modeling that supports all communication system training tasks; radio simulation can be networked with compatible simulators
  • Includes a Synthetic Environment (SE) for stand-alone operation, with interoperability with the SEs of other OFTs for compatible simulation in the same exercise
  • Provides complex domestic databases to simulate natural disasters for national planning scenarios