B-2: Initial and Continuation Aircrew Training Leadership

Key Facts

Sole Provider of B-2 Aircrew and Maintenance Training
30+ Years of Continuous Full-Spectrum Support

L3 Link has served as the prime contractor on the U.S. Air Force’s B-2 Training System program for more than 30 years. Our B-2 team supports all program aircrew and maintenance training device support, including system software, hardware, courseware, classroom and academic instruction.

L3 Link’s B-2 Training System:
  • Provides maximum training realism in aircrew and maintenance training devices 
  • Encompasses a full range of capabilities to sustain and make major modifications as needed to B-2 aircrew training and maintenance training systems
B-2 Training System Technology/Components
  • Three full-motion, high-fidelity B-2 Weapon Systems Trainers for initial and continuation aircrew operator training and combat mission rehearsal training 
  • Includes the B-2 Mission Trainer, a high-fidelity simulator designed to teach complex right-seat functions such as radar operation and weapons delivery
  • Suite of maintenance training devices to help maintainers, pilots and weapon load technicians gain off-aircraft expertise in the diagnosis and repair of aircraft systems and weapons loading
  • B-2 Computerized Maintenance Training Systems, including a simulated flight crew station, hydraulics/fuels maintenance station, instructor station and student station
  • B-2 Weapon Systems Training Aids—desktop trainers fully integrated with simulated aircraft functionality to provide detailed training scenarios
  • B-2 Cockpit Procedures Trainer consisting of a high-fidelity, full-scale cockpit, enabling aircrews to hone their skills on aircraft systems operations and procedures
  • The B-2 Weapons Loading Trainer, a full-scale mock-up of the aircraft’s undercarriage, weapons bay and cockpit, for certifying personnel in uploading and downloading nuclear and conventional weapons onto the B-2