Hawk GBTS: A Total Advanced Jet Training Solution

Key Facts

Fully Scalable Training System for BAE Hawk Aircraft
Complete Range of Advanced Training and Real-World Mission Support
Full Networking Capability to Support Multi-Ship Formation Training

L3 Link’s advanced ground-based training solution (GBTS) is a fully scalable system for the BAE Hawk advanced jet trainer/combat aircraft. L3 Link’s Hawk GBTS supports a complete range of advanced training and real-world missions.

The L3 Link Hawk GBTS:
  • Employs commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components integrated into a high-fidelity system for low-cost, low-risk training performance
  • Features a high-fidelity advanced cockpit design built to exacting standards
  • Creates a fully immersive, high-intensity virtual task-loaded training environment
  • Utilizes a high-definition 360-degree visual display system to provide eye-limiting resolution
  • Provides full networking capability to support multi-ship formation training
  • Includes scalable devices to support mission-specific task training
Hawk GBTS Technology
  • CTSA—a fully integrated training framework that optimizes convergent objective architectures
  • OPTI-Train—L3 Link’s integrated schoolhouse operations system that provides trainee and resource management, logistics and continuous training improvement to optimize throughput and resource utilization
  • L3 Link’s proprietary accelerated learning technology, which delivers immersive content while measuring and assessing individual trainee performance to identify proficiency gaps and adapt training to close them in real time 
  • HD World—high-fidelity/high-definition immersive synthetic environment simulation to support dynamic training scenarios; offers day/night, low-altitude, all-weather capabilities along with physics-based dynamic simulation of population, vehicle and other aircraft behaviors
  • SimuStrike—scalable and configurable training device technology with the same operational flight software, databases and network architecture as the higher-fidelity full flight simulator
  • Blue Box HD—a run-time platform providing highly reliable and efficient local or distributed computing services