Source: Swiss Federal Office of Topography

F/A-18 TOFTs Enhance Mission Readiness

Key Facts

100% L3 Link Has Delivered 100% of the U.S. Navy’s High-Fidelity F/A-18 Training Devices
#1 Provider of Simulators for Flight/Ground Attack Aircraft
#1 Provider of Simulators to the U.S. Navy

L3 Link's F/A-18 C/D Hornet, F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler Tactical Operational Flight Trainers (TOFTs) enable aircrews to prepare for the full range of force multiplier capabilities that the platform can support during rapidly changing battle scenarios. L3 Link has delivered F/A-18 and EA-18G TOFTs to the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps and a large number of international military services.

The L3 Link F/A & EA-18 TOFT Trainer:
  • Shares a common architecture, simplifying simulator upgrades and lowering overall training system life-cycle costs
  • Enables pilots to enhance tactical skills over a full range of mission areas for single-ship individual, multi-ship team and combat mission rehearsal training
  • Provides aircrews with highly realistic day-and-night out-the-window scenarios
  • Integrates each cockpit with a high-fidelity sensor environment
  • Enables aircrews to use their own actual flight night vision goggles (NVG) during night training operations
F/A & EA-18 TOFT Training Technology:
  • Integrates multiple advanced L3 Link technologies to support an immersive, high-definition training environment
  • Provides a multi-ship training environment that enables pilots to jointly conduct simulated air-to-air and air-to-ground tactics, normal and emergency procedures, and NVG operations
  • Is integrated with an Operational Flight Program and associated aircraft systems to support simulation of the aircraft’s comprehensive weapons and sensors suite
  • Includes a Motion and Aural Cue System for full pilot immersion

L3 Link provides tailored F/A-18 training and simulation services to international customers that include Australia, Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia and Switzerland.

CF-18 ADCTS Program

L3 Link leverages its global fighter aircraft simulator expertise to support a state-of-the-art training system for the Canadian Air Force CF-18 Advanced Distributed Combat Training System (ADCTS) program. L3 Link established the Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) architecture—the first DMO system to be fielded in Canada—to provide training for all CF-18 requirements in distributed training exercises across Canada.

Swiss Hornet Operational Training System (SHOTS) Program

L3 Link replaced the Swiss government's existing F/A-18 Weapons Tactics Trainers (WTTs) with state-of-the-art TOFTs capable of supporting multiple aircraft training missions, including an integrated threat system. Our system enables aircrews to conduct full mission training against highly sophisticated interactive threats in a networked training environment.

Australian Super Hornet (ASH) F/A-18F & AEA-18G

The Boeing Company contracted L3 Link for a software update to the H12 OFP used by the U.S. Navy. Using two TOFTs on site, the L3 Link contract includes updates to the H12 baseline and reintroduction of ASH unique capabilities. In addition to the Boeing contract, the U.S. Navy contracted for the delivery of two TOFTs to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Amberley base in Queensland, Australia.

Hornet Aircrew Training System (HACTS)

Raytheon Australia contracted directly with L3 Link to provide a technology refresh for its three TOFTs and three Tactical Readiness Trainers (TRTs) for the RAAF F/A-18 A/B trainers. The technology refresh upgraded all computational systems and the HD-9 visual systems. The program upgrades trainer software to the current 25X(A) baseline to maintain concurrency with the Operational Flight Program (OFP) in the aircraft.