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The First Choice in F-16 Pilot Training

Key Facts

#1 Provider of Simulators for the U.S. Air Force
90% of High-Fidelity F-16 Simulators in Use
F-16V L3Harris Simulators Are Training Pilots on the New F-16V Platform

L3Harris is the proven choice for F-16 pilot and maintainer operational training. We build high-fidelity training solutions on proven common hardware and software systems that extend the L3Harris integrated F-16 training baseline, customized to meet each customer's unique requirement set.

L3Harris F-16 Trainers:
  • Provide comprehensive aircrew training from operation and emergency procedures to tactics in Federal Aviation Administration Level D-equivalent devices
  • Enable pilots to detect, identify and determine the orientation of targets with the same fidelity as they would on an actual sortie
  • Maximize and maintain pilot operational readiness while reducing overall training costs
  • Replicate multi-ship training events through high-fidelity networking and immersive, high-definition, realistic synthetic environments
  • Can be scaled to match the customer’s need, from the most robust full-mission trainer to F-16 SimuStrike™, a part task trainer focused on critical pilot skills in lead and wingman operations
F-16 Training Systems Technology

L3Harris F-16 trainers are designed to support both local- and wide-area networking, enabling multiple simulators to participate in a combined exercise scenario.

  • Multi-tier commonality is a key value driver in L3Harris F-16 trainer technology, simplifying upgrades to maintain concurrency and lowering the overall cost of ownership
  • HD World® combines high-definition displays, image generators, databases and physics processing technology for highly realistic and relevant F-16 fighter training environments
  • Aerodynamic model based on actual flight test data and computational fluid dynamics
  • Night Vision Training System—a 360-degree near-eye-limiting visual system that provides the ability for pilots to bring in their NVG for simulated NVG training
  • F-16 SimuStrike™ technology—a highly cost-effective tactical training solution that complements F-16 full mission trainers
F-16 Mission Training Center

L3Harris' F-16 Mission Training Center (MTC) is designed to support aggressive, contemporary mission training events to the highest levels of interoperability standards. The MTC's F-16 Common Configuration Implementation Program (CCIP) for Block 40/42 And 50/52 pilot training leverages a full range of pilot-proven and time-tested mission simulator and training systems to keep our warfighters sharp.

The MTC supports full training task list (TTL) compliance at all levels, including modeling for all F-16 CCIP weapons systems, subsystems and ordinance, from single-ship mode to scalable multi-ship training.

F-16 International Programs

L3Harris has a long history of supporting foreign air forces through FMS and Direct Commercial Contracts. Our product line has ongoing FMS programs with Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Taiwan and Turkey.