A Proven EC-130H Simulator Solution

Key Facts

#1 Provider of Simulators to the U.S. Air Force
Sole Provider of Training Support for U.S. Compass Call Aircrews
Level D Level D-Equivalent OFT, Featuring Advanced Avionics to Support CNS/ATM for GATM

The L3 Link-built EC-130H Weapon System Trainer (WST) trains four-member EC-130H Compass Call aircrews across a full range of flight operation tasks at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.

EC-130H WST Highlights:
  • The EC-130H WST full-motion simulator is a Federal Aviation Administration Level- D-equivalent device
  • Designed to provide Compass Call aircrews with the highest quality of simulation realism for any electronic warfare training mission they undertake
  • Features advanced avionics for Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) for global air traffic management
EC-130H WST Training Technology
  • High-definition, seven-channel out-the-window visual system enhanced by aerodynamic modeling
  • Aerodynamic model based on actual flight test data and computational fluid dynamics, incorporating key aspects of the air refueling backwash and drag associated with the platform’s antennas
  • Real-time mission observation center monitors the combat environment 
  • Two briefing/debriefing rooms record all crew actions and communications for after-action playback and instructional use