E-3: Producing Highly Qualified Flight Crew Personnel

Key Facts

World’s Only Contractor-Owned and -Operated E-3 Aircrew Training Center
Sole Provider of E-3 Aircrew Training to the USAF
7,000+ E-3 Training Device Instructional Hours Annually

L3 Link has been the prime contractor on the Air Force E-3 Contractor Training and Simulation Services (CTSS) program since 1993. We train E-3 flight crews—pilots, navigators and flight engineers—at our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, facility adjacent to Tinker Air Force Base. 

E-3 flight crew training begins with classroom academic and computer-based instruction, progressing to the navigator part task trainer, a flight training device or high-fidelity operational full-motion flight trainer, depending on mission role. 

L3 Link E-3 Training Capability Highlights:
  • Leverages experience and investments in the U.S. Air Force E-3 CTSS program to offer a superb learning environment that consistently produces highly qualified flight crew personnel
  • Student instruction, logistics and maintenance services; ongoing training materials and equipment updates to remain concurrent with platform changes
  • Flexible training approach to meet a full range of E-3 flight crew mission readiness training requirements
  • One Level 6 flight training device for procedural training
  • One government-provided navigational system trainer
  • Two high-fidelity E-3 operational flight trainers (OFTs) to enable aircrews to practice takeoffs, landings, aerial refueling and emergency procedures
  • Aircrew instruction on essential elements of cockpit resource management and crew coordination within a highly realistic cockpit environment
E-3 Training Technology
  • OFTs utilize a six-degree-of-freedom motion system to replicate the aircraft’s flight attitudes
  • Out-the-window computer-generated simulation imagery projected across a 225° horizontal by 50° vertical visual system display