C-17 Aircrew Training Solutions Spanning the Globe

Key Facts

Largest Program L3 Link Operates AMC’s Largest Training System Program
3,200+ C-17 Simulator Training Sessions per Month Average
1,100+ Formal Training Unit Graduates Each Year

L3 Link operates the C-17 Training System, the largest training system in the U.S. Air Force’s Air Mobility Command (AMC). We train C-17 pilots and loadmasters at 13 U.S. Air Force installations as well as one Royal Australian Air Force Base in Amberley, Australia. L3 Link supports continuation training for active, reserve, Air National Guard and foreign military students. 

The L3 Link C-17 Training System:
  • Encompasses program management, aircrew instruction, Contractor Logistics Support, training systems support and change management
  • Training System Support Center provides courseware, engineering, configuration and data management, logistics and evaluation services
  • Annually provides more than 1,500 pilot, co-pilot and loadmaster initial and mission qualification training missions and more than 8,000 continuation training events for active, reserve, Air National Guard and foreign military students
  • Comprises a total of 164 aircrew and 28 maintenance training devices, using 23 device variants to meet specific requirements
  • Encompasses a broad array of training media:
    • High-fidelity full-motion weapons system trainers
    • Full-motion simulators
    • Cockpit systems simulators
    • Loadmaster station trainers
    • Virtual training devices
    • Full-scale C-17 cargo compartment trainers
    • Tenth-scale cargo load model
    • Trainer Evaluation Performance Aircraft Training Set (TEPATS), an avionics trainer for maintainers
    • Maintenance trainers for engine, systems, cargo doors/rails, landing gear, automatic flight controls
    • Aircrew courseware