Fused-Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle

Our Fused-Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (F-Pano) is the most advanced night vision goggle on the market, delivering an unmatched capability to ensure our hyper-enabled Special Forces custom maintains operational overmatch against ongoing threats.  Based on our combat-proven Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle, the F-Pano mantains a 97-degree field-of-view for operators, while delivering capability that improves the ability to locate targets and engage threats. The F-Pano allows the operator to access common operating environment imagery and digitally communicate position information, as well as determine the location and identity of items of interest.

The F-Pano includes L3’s high-performance white phosphor image intensification technology in a quad-tube goggle, as well as a separate thermal channel for image fusion and thermal target detection. The F-Pano also incorporates a high-resolution display and an embedded wireless personal area network that uses augmented reality algorithms to interface with the operator’s end-user device. The complete system facilitates a hyper-enabled operator with the ability to interface with multiple sensors throughout the battlespace, providing enhanced interoperability and data sharing.