Integrated Land Systems’ logistics team is an integrated organization operating in an environment where logistical issues are resolved in real time, making support transparent to the warrior. Within this integrated environment, a coordinated effort and strategic alliance between the warrior and our business is administered. We provide fully integrated logistics support that encompasses all logistics elements.

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Peter Braudis at 603-551-6551

Rick Byno at 603-551-6158


Product Quotes

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Email:  Quotes.Insight@L3Harris.com
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  866-509-2040  (Option 3)


Field Returns & Repairs

Integrated Land Systems uses a single standard repair procedure which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2012 for Services. Depot maintenance at our facilities can conserve, over time, combat power by reducing the capital investment in critical resources. Repair personnel evaluate the operational condition of the system upon receipt in order to isolate any actual or potential malfunctions. Maintenance is then performed in sequential steps designed to ensure that the equipment is restored to the Original Equipment Manufacturing standard in a timely and efficient manner.

For more information, contact:

Email:  Field.Returns@L3Harris.com
Toll-Free Phone:
  866-509-2040  (Option 3)



Integrated Land Systems offers a highly effective training program to meet the needs of today’s warriors. We remain at the cutting edge of tactical training and continually update, improve and validate our technique with input from combat veterans. Utilizing the same model that is the recognized standard governing the instructional process within the Department of Defense, our training development process makes it simple to customize a course to fit any military organization. We can provide training on-site or at your location. 

Military and International Support:
Email: Field.Returns@L3Harris.com
Toll-Free Phone: 877-744-4803

Commercial, Federal and Law Enforcement Support

Email: Service.Insight@L3Harris.com


Technical Manuals

Integrated Land Systems’ technical writing staff approaches the preparation of each technical manual from the perspective of the intended user. We recognize that the effectiveness of our products is directly related to the ability of the operator to safely and competently use them. As advocates for the end user, our technical writers take great pride in ensuring that information is presented clearly, logically and at an appropriate level of understanding. This ensures that each technical manual not only complies with required specifications and standards, but is organized so as to provide continuity of data, descriptions and procedures.

Our technical writing staff is accorded full access to all design documents and release plans to ensure they are kept apprised of any changes to system design or software modifications. They enjoy full representation at design reviews and are provided with production model devices to work with in creating support documentation. This level of integration, and close interaction between the technical writing and development teams, ensures the technical accuracy and superior quality of all our manuals.

Customer review of our support documentation is the single best opportunity we have to ensure the needs of the end-user are met. Your comments and recommended improvements are always welcome and will receive careful consideration.

Suggestions may be sent to:
Michael Bedard at Michael.Bedard@L3Harris.com