Communications & Networked Systems

Communications & Networked Systems

Sharing Information in Real Time

L3's secure communications are on virtually every mission-critical aircraft platform, from the pioneering U-2 and P-3 to the unmanned Predator and Global Hawk. Our world-class expertise in connecting space, airborne, ground and sea-based platforms with secure, real-time data drives our communications business in addressing the heightened global demand for advanced solutions.

We are an industry leader in developing and fielding advanced solutions for the maritime domain for military, commercial and research customers. We are at the forefront of the autonomous revolution and refining the way the world works at sea, from man-portable autonomous undersea vehicles (AUVs) to all sizes of autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs). We are also a key integrator on state-of-the-art maritime platforms such as the U.S. Coast Guard's Fast Response Cutter and Australian naval programs, and deliver world-class naval vessel control systems, power management and distribution solutions, and even undersea sensor networks.

In an ever-evolving threat environment, L3's ability to anticipate changing customer needs and provide timely, next-generation communications solutions has made situational awareness a strategic discriminator for our customers across the globe.

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